Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Day

Tinkling birds and tinkling bells,
   I sure hope this day goes well.

The trees are green with fresh new blooms,
   The florist will be arriving soon.

The grass is green with drops of dew,
   The chairs will soon be lined as pews.

The air is fragrant with BBQ and flowers,
   Oh how the wait is too many hours. 

Giggles are overheard from the bridal suite,
   She's donning her veil and placing boots on her feet.

He's dressed and pacing the whole venue,
   Making sure all is well with the reception menu. 

Soon he will glimpse her on her fathers arm,
   Promising to keep her safe from harm. 

As they both gaze into one another's eyes,
  They realize the wait was worth all those whys. 

As they recite their vows and dedicate their lives,
  They both realize this why they became man and wife. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

About my Post

Please note that if a post doesn't have the Author written underneath it then I am the Author. The poems that I write will have my named listed as the one who posted it.

Getting Away From Self

Thoughts of self-contentment come to mind,
Is it really that hard to find?

I see that others seek this through others,
Yet wouldn’t we call that self-contentment of another?

We read seek ye God first,
But is it really what we thirst?

If we seek God first then should not self-contentment be evident?
For contentment with God and his word as a Christian would be Prevalent.

Seek ye first! Seek ye first! We read and say!
Yet is it what we really do this day?

Can we get past ourselves and our own righteousness?
Or are we always saying, ‘No not me. It is what I do best!’

Is righteousness what we really seek?
Surely not for this would make us weak.

Weak in verse, Weak in spirit.
We must act or ‘do’ and not just hear it!

Please, let us put past ourselves, past our world, and past our hurts.
Let us Seek first HIS Kingdom and not play in our own dirt.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Together as a Lilac

My darlin you are green and I am purple!

Together we are a Lilac bush.
The leaves and stems are green,
They support the blooms.

The blooms are purple.
They wouldn't be as vibrant and
fragrant without the support of
the leaves and stems!

One cannot thrive without the other!
Together they complete a beautiful bush!

Friday, October 31, 2014

In His Will

Whatever you ask in Jesus' name,
The father has promised to do. 
In this the father is glorified, 
Ask and He'll do it for you.

Abide in Christ and keep His Word,
Within your heart so deep.
Make your request known to Him,
And you will hear him speak.

When you ask in Jesus' precious name,
You must be in the Father's will.
We'll find his Will within His Word,
With joy our hearts He'll fill.

So read His Word to learn His will.
Come to His throne of grace.
He loves us and will meet our needs.
He'll give our desires first place, 
No matter what our race.

October 16th, 2004
John 15
Written by: Bertha Fontaine


        I have had a lot of pain and heart ache in the past few years. It has been very hard to write anything because of this. We all go through heart aches and pain I know but we must keep in mind that we all handle it differently. This is because we are all different and unique in our own way. But I pulled through it recently and am now starting to write again. A personal experience helped me with that little boost I needed to keep writing. It reminded me that with Christ we can heal and move on to do more of his great work. Here is a little account of that personal experience.

        I recently met a kindred spirit and sister in Christ. She has been writing poetry all her life as well. I ran into her at my local library. I was there using the internet as it was faster to take care of some blogging. I saw her walk past me to sit on the couch nearby; she had brought with her yarn and knitting pins to crochet something. As I saw her sit down and start to stitch I thought to myself she must be waiting on someone. I finished my online business and proceeded to walk past her heading to the ladies room and something told me to speak to her so my firsts response was to comment on her knitting. I've always admire those that had the patience for it because anything knitted always represented a delicate and graceful love. She smiled and instead of saying thank you in response like most did she said, "Hello! How are you?" This took me back and I told her I was good and ask how she was. She smiled with that joyful smile that reached her eyes and said "I'm great!" I then repeated the compliment about her knitting and she said she knits for the needy proceeding to tell me the story of how she knitted a bunch of mittens for the children of a Navajo reservation. Eventually we started to discuss Christ and how great he was; both of us quoting his word pertaining to our own life experiences. She eventually gave me some of her writings in booklets while explaining how God has blessed her to write inspirational poetry for him. She expressed how a lot of it was based upon bible scriptures. I smiled and said thank you while receiving her literature. I felt overwhelmed at how I wasn't alone in writing inspirational poetry from The Lord! Finally I found someone I can relate to! She also related of how she came to Christ when she was 41, she is 88 now. She said that she did some bad things before then. She then said with tears welling in her eyes, "I feel overjoyed to know that he died for me and has forgiven me of all me sins!" I then proceeded to agree with her and account of how I overcame reoccurring sins that we must repent daily for. I said it occurred to me one day, 'Who do you think you are to believe that your sins are greater and bigger than God himself?!' Tears welled in her eyes as she smiled and said you are absolutely right and she was very glad she met me. As I was leaving we exchanged information to keep in touch. This woman was definitely part of Gods will in my life! Her name was Bertha Fontaine and I am posting a poem from her 7th book of poetry.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Before you loose faith....

Before you loose strength,
        Speak to a cancer survivor!

Before you loose patience,
        Speak to the mother of an autistic child.

Before you loose endurance,
        Speak to a victim of rape.

Before you loose hope,
        Speak with a victim of child abuse.

Before you give up,
        Speak to a paraplegic soldier!

Before you cry in despair,
        Speak to a widow.

Before you loose all faith,
        Speak to God and read his word.